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How to Market to Millennials!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The ins and out of this curious generation.

So, with all the technology we are exposed to daily and all the distractions with our phones, iPad, tablets and laptops, how do you break through the clutter with any generation, especially the millennials?

I am of the generation where there is brand loyalty and brand affinity. I call a soda a Coke, even though it might be a Dr. Pepper. I call a permanent pen a Sharpie and I call a tissue a Kleenex. I even say I need to make a zerox when it is merely a copy that I could make on my home printer.

These brands have done a great job of owning their category and engraining their brand name into the minds of consumers. So, is there brand loyalty with the millennials? Well, I say yes. It is a different kind of brand loyalty, more based on status and a fear of missing out (FOMO).

Social media has enhanced the fear of missing out by showing movie stars, rock stars, musicians and social media influencers with consumer products that they are using. This millennial generation feels the pressure of staying in touch with what everyone else is using or buying. Social media is a huge tool for any company that has a product or service that they are targeting towards this generation.

Here are a few tips to use when targeting this generation with your product or service:

1. Be on social media- Facebook and Instagram

2. Create content daily

3. Host giveaways of your product or service

4. Share articles and blogs that link directly back to your website

5. Join Facebook groups that are relevant to your target audience

Once you are actively engaging in social media, you will see that your product or service will be getting more attention from the millennial crowd.

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