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  • Marketing Audit-access what you are currently doing to market your business, analyze what is working and not working and review successes/failures of your past marketing campaigns


  • Marketing Strategy-build a strategy based on your company’s objectives, goals, and work to eliminate
    pain points in your business strategy


  • Brand Identity-create a new brand identity by developing a new log/tagline and marketing materials
    to support your brand, or simply re-build your existing brand with up-to-date marketing materials


  • Advertising Campaigns-whether you want print or online campaigns, we can develop the right solution to fit your marketing objectives

  • Website Development-develop a new website or update your existing with new design and graphics

  • Email Marketing Campaigns- design, develop and blast monthly or ongoing campaigns

  • Digital Marketing- we can support your website with Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

  • Trade Shows-we can help you build a new booth, large or small, market your presence at the show and follow-up with post-show marketing

  • Corporate Events-we have been doing successful corporate events for decades. Let us take the stress out of budgeting, planning, and executing your events whether large or small

  • Corporate Gifts-whether you need a branded item for an event or trade show, or an upscale packaged gift, we can design a beautiful presentation

  • Print/Point-of-Sale-for retailers that need point-of-sale easel back displays or more elaborate
    free-standing, we can help


  • Video Production-we can tell your story by developing a storyboard, casting, filming and final editing

  • Social Media-we partner with our clients to develop a relevant social media strategy to meet your
    business goals

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