It was a pleasure working with Carolyn on several projects in the Legal vertical in 2013. She brought both broad advertising experience to her work as well as specific market expertise. She cared deeply about her clients and worked diligently to provide blog posts and advertising deliverables that supported their success. Carolyn's a great marketing professional to add to your team.

  • Amy L. Neeley
  • Senior Copywriter at Teladoc

I've been working with Carolyn since early 2013. Carolyn's knowledge and network of contacts is very impressive; she always has a resource to answer questions on marketing services or topics.

Her calm and friendly manner wins over colleagues and co-workers immediately and helps bring resolution when parties don't agree. Carolyn digs into her work and quickly becomes knowledgable about any market she's working in She represents herself and ReachLocal extremely well and I enjoy working with her.

  • Karen Platt Bearman
  • Director, Marketing Programs & Events at ReachLocal

Carolyn was the Marketing Manager assigned to work specifically on initiatives within the Professional Services business unit. Despite being pulled in many different directions while pulling spot-duty on assignments for other parts of the business, Carolyn always maintained a proactive and energetic approach towards building a comprehensive marketing strategy within the Pro Services unit. She was instrumental in helping us get out in front of organizing and scheduling our annual conference attendance/sponsorship strategy. In large part due to Carolyn's diligence, the Professional Services unit consistently hit milestones and benchmarks well in advance of due dates on our way towards launching the unit. I hope we can cross paths again in the future! 

  • Justin Mink
  • CMO’s best friend. Maximizes ROI for franchise/multi-local/restaurant brands via digital marketing.

Carolyn is an experienced marketing professional who has demonstrated her skill in building website copy to generate leads, creating marketing collateral that clearly and concisely summarizes services and rebranding companies to fit our modern electronic times. She has a collaborative work-style that allows her clients to show their unique corporate perspective throughout the marketing process. She has impeccable taste and a broad network of subcontractors she can tap into for special services. Add this to her delightful personality and you have the perfect combination for a wonderful project outcome.

  • Gail Krinsky
  • Workers' Compensation Claims Consulting

“Carolyn is one of those rare gems in advertising and promotions: a smart, strategic account service professional who truly "gets" and understands the impact creativity can have on her clients' brands and future fortunes. With a broad depth of knowledge and understanding across multiple categories, I can't think of a single company out there that wouldn't benefit from having Carolyn's considerable mental resources working on their behalf.”

  • Kim Smith

Carolyn Rayner is a smart, creative and dedicated marketing professional and I recommend her without reservation. I hired Carolyn in 2010 for express purpose of rebranding my organization, to create new and impactful marketing collaterals for my sales team and increasing our Social Media footprint. She did not disappoint me.

Carolyn’s enthusiasm for the tasks assigned to her is boundless. Our marketing materials are the best the company has ever had. Our meta scores for search engines and organic hits to our website increased over 200% in the first 8 months of her employment. Our planned events and scheduled presentations have never been so well attended all due to Carolyn’s efforts and marketing savvy.

Carolyn continues to deliver innovative strategies for increasing market share and does so under budget and on time. I could not be more pleased with her and proud that she was “my” hire.

  • Tom Blackwell
  • Sales Executive

Carolyn is a complete marketing professional. She quickly grasps the business issues and never loses sight of them while developing and executing marketing programs. She has excellent branding skills with an ability to integrate all aspects of a brand strategy including offline and online components. I've seen Carolyn work under pressure to make an aggressive deadline. She knows how to focus and prioritize to get it done on time while maintaining a calm and friendly composure.

  • Bernie Borges
  • Aligning Sales & Marketing for B2B Clients | Accelerating Revenue | Content Marketing | Social Selling | Speaker

I highly recommend Carolyn and her team. I have worked with Carolyn since 1995 and continue to rely on her for help with various marketing activities. The numerous projects she helped me with at several different companies were very creative and produced great results. She truly knows her field and Carolyn is a partner that I highly value and recommend.

  • Magnus Friberg
  • President at Icomera US, Inc.

Carolyn and her team were the perfect fit for our rebranding project. She quickly assessed our needs and delivered solid creative solutions on time and within budget.

  • Jason Thompson
  • Serving Clients

Carolyn - and her agency - produce superlative, creative work for clients. She is fun to work with, bringing a bright mind and personality to the table for planning and ideas. Carolyn is a good listener, delivering initial ideas that are right on target, avoiding rounds of reviews. Over the years, I have hired her firm several times for short term and ongoing projects and have always been delighted with the results. This group can find a way to execute almost any idea, no matter how complex.

  • Carol Spruiell
  • Owner at Freelance Enterprises

Carolyn is a proven professional who delivers excellent work. She excels at partnering with a business to achieve success--working tirelessly to meet or exceed requirements. I heartily recommend her for all aspects of brand and product marketing.

  • Jennifer Pemberton
  • Director Communications at Quantum ID Technologies | SmartKargo