Get Your Search Engine Optimization  Rockin' in the New Year! By Carolyn Rayner

  • Dec 14, 2017





So, we all hear these buzz words about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for our website.  There are hundreds of companies out there claiming to drive more traffic to our websites by hiring them to help us with “SEO”. Don’t get me wrong; there are some very qualified companies out there than can help your company website show up “organically” on the first page in the top ten spots. There are also companies out there that may only dabble in SEO.  SEO is a real strategy.  I am not an expert; however, I have worked with some really great SEO companies with my clients and I have learned quite a bit about combining a good marketing web strategy with SEO and with some pay per click advertising if you want an immediate boost to website visitors.


Here are a few basic tips for increasing your website SEO


1.       Keywords are important yes, but don’t “stuff” your website with keywords that may not be relevant to your business.  Google frowns on this and you may get penalized for too many keywords that don’t really apply to your business.


2.       Keep your content “real”. Write about your business as you would like it to be perceived.  Don’t write your content around keywords just to be in the search engines.  The end user experience is the most important experience.   The prospect will not come back to your website if they can’t get a real experience about your business.


3.       SEO takes time.  If you do hire a good firm to help you, give them 3-6 months to work on your website and start seeing organic results.  If you need immediate visitors to your website, try a short 3 month pay per click campaign.


4.       Be patient, SEO is a slow process, but if you continually add new content, trust your SEO provider and make the necessary changes, you will see results.


5.       Lastly, continually update your website.  It is not static; your website needs to be updated with new posts, new work, client testimonials and blog posts if you are inclined to blog.


Good luck and have a Rockin’ 2018.  If you need help with your marketing strategies and lead generation in the new year, contact us at Full Circle Marketing.


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